Medium Brown Tones

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  • Medium Brown Tones
  • Medium Brown Tones

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    •  Enjoy the ease of applying our medium brown tone for those with brown hair. Simply blend on with the included applicator brush and gently shade your grey hairs to match your natural hair tone or your currently colored shade. Express Color is applied with your full control as you decide how much is needed to blend and color all desired grey areas. This same application process is used for eyebrows and other areas needing a touch up and blending of color due to grey hair. A little bit goes a very long way. Our product is long lasting and does not bleed in any way with moisture. When you're ready to remove simply use shampoo to wash out easily. Perfect for the in between stages before your next scheduled trip to the salon. Enjoy the confidence and shine that Express Color provides!

      1 x Express Color Compact (4.5g)
      2 x applicator brushes
      1 x carry case

      • Wax-based - so color stays put! Color won’t smear with daily activities.
      • Water resistant - color won’t run or diminish due to perspiration.
      • Cost effective - reduces expensive trips to the salon!
      • Express Color won’t rub off on your pillow.
      • Looks and feels natural. Goes on dry so there’s no drying time!
      • Simple application - use on damp or dry hair with brush provided or fingertips to your most visible new growth at part, temple, and hairline.
      • Blends easily - blend to desired color with no mess. It’s that simple!
      • Washes outExpress Color washes out when you shampoo your hair.

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    What people are saying about us...

    "I have medium brown hair with golden/auburn tones and I get my roots touched up every 6-8 weeks. This just arrived in the medium brown and it took me 2 seconds to master. I love it. I'm sure it'll save me time and money in the long run. Especially good if you tie your hair back and hate the temple reveal of grey. Highly recommended x"

    I just got my order today and it happens that I really need it right now! My natural hair color is dark auburn but all of the front is now coming in white. I'm not ready to go "au-natural" but the drastic difference between my color and the white roots is horrible. I ordered the medium brown and I couldn't believe how well it works. There is absolutely no way anyone would be able to tell I have regrowth. Thanks for giving me those few extra days before I need to recolor!

    This product does really cover grey hair and blend in very well and it only took a little practice to get the application right. I found around my hair line did need a touch up which was probably from washing or cleansing my face.
    I do agree with another reviewer that you really dont need to buy the brushes or the pouch for that matter every time so a duo pack of just the wax would be great."

    "I have dark brown hair with about 30% grey. I colour it every 3 months but the grey shows in my parting and temples quite soon after. It takes seconds to apply, blends in perfectly and lasts until the next wash, even with using dry shampoo. They say it will last 4 months but I'm sure mine will last much longer as a little goes a long way - very happy